Photoshop Editing

While I consider myself a photographer, it occurred to me that photography can entail many things besides just lighting, composing, and taking pictures. I thought I would post a few quick GIF animations of some Photoshop work I've done in the course of my career.

I've done a lot of photography and post-production work for e-commerce websites, which involves drawing a clipping path around the subject and removing the background, or changing colorways so one shot can be used for a lot of similar products. When I first started my career, I was surprised to see how the studio created so many images from just one shot -- now, I am surprised when I work for studios who don't do that.

While I always accomplish what I need to in Photoshop, I feel like my skills are pretty basic -- clipping, layer masks, color changes, retouching, adding shadows, etc -- and I have so much more to learn!